Chris LaRose

Vocals - Guitar - Harmonica

Multi award-winning songwriter Chris LaRose grew up in the wooded hills of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, building motorcycles and singing the blues.

Chris is the lead singer for the Hex Highway Blues Band and has been performing professionally for 17 years.

He stems from a long line of musicians and performers determined to keep the soulful sounds of yesteryear alive and well for generations to come.

His foot-stomping songs and thundering voice conjure up ancestors of the blues, and breathe life back into the spirit of early American Music.

Chris's Traditional Folk and Blues tunes and originals alike are sure to keep the joint a-jumpin' and the crowd coming back for more.

Emily Neblock

Vocals - Bass

Emily Neblock, the bassist for the Hex Highway Blues Band, has been playing music professionally for over 10 years.

Starting as a folk singer-songwriter from the Philadelphia area, with a background in classical piano, she has been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones.

Now you can find Em singing and playing bass for the electric blues-rock three piece Hex Highway.

Her powerful, genuine, and soulful voice inevitably dazzles audiences of all ages and walks of life.

Tyler Mangold

Drums - Vocals

Tyler Mangold, a passionate musician and master of the beat, is the percussionist for the Hex Highway Blues Band.

He brings into the world of the blues his over 15 years of musicianship and technical focus in Jazz and Metal percussion.

His tightly woven rhythms are both complex and tasteful, making the music spring to life. 

Tyler has played regularly in bands of nearly every genre and now brings his unique range of experience to serve as the backbone of the Hex Highway Blues Band.